Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs curates our NEXT HYPE playlist


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Today in the curating seat is Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The producer and DJ has been busy in lockdown, crafting a mix designed for ‘kitchen dancing in times of social isolation’, while also putting out a four-track ambient EP, ‘I Can Hear The Birds‘, written and recorded in the first few weeks of quarantine. It’s been inspired by the sounds of birds singing louder and more expressively than before while there’s less people out in the streets. TEED’s also recently taken to remixing Jessie Ware’s ‘Save A Kiss’ (which you can hear below), spinning it out into a disco-house jam – also perfect for those solo dancing moments. We asked the musical magpie to pick out his favourite tracks released this week – read through his picks while you listen through the playlist below.

Shy FX – ‘Too Shy feat. Sinead Harnett (Breakage Remix)’

“This is a masterclass from Breakage, deserves to be a UK hit. I’ve been seeking out R&B jungle tracks since I started this ride, and this is up there. Everything is perfectly balanced, all the elements get their time.”

Jme – ‘Pricks’

“The music industry is gross, I hate it. Jme is the smartest, I look up to him. So yeah, Jme on the industry, I love this track.”

Jessie Ware – ‘Save A Kiss (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)’

“Belgian Italo disco remix for Jessie Ware I’ve just done. It currently feels like I’ll never get the chance to play this in a club, but fingers crossed.”

Special Request – ‘Spectral Frequency’

“Rinse your fucking ears out. This is the cold plunge pool. Therapy.”

Darkstar – ‘Text’

“Beautiful, warm, unsettling moment from Darkstar, this song makes me homesick. All the singles off this album so far have been in a tender place I rarely hear at the moment. In fact I think the whole album just came out today.”

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft – ‘Breath Chant’

“I really like Suzanne Kraft, I’ll often go to my phone to see what’s playing and it’ll be one of his tracks.”


“This is how to do it. Hard and murky, but fun. I’ve never caught their live show, and it’s high up my post lockdown list.”

Ejeca – ‘BetterB’

“Another ravey one and I guess that’s the mood. It’s not easy to measure but it was interesting to see how the explosion in dry tech house pushed so many producers back to breakbeats over the past few years. (this isn’t a direct comment about the Ejeca track).”

bresciani – ‘Napoli’

“Field recordings and poems and general darkness. When this stuff works it’s like a movie but better. I’ll take two.”

Saito Koji – ‘Scream Our Pleasure’ (BANDCAMP ONLY)

“44 minutes of being stretched out on the inside of a huge bell. I think a deep listen to music like this now and then is very good for your health.”


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