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There's something intriguing happening deep in the Mayan jungle, and it goes by the name of Comunité. A collaborative project between a number of musical visionaries and activists from Mexico, it's hard to label it as a festival, as feels like much more. Focusing on the four pillars of community, communication, union, and communion – Comunité uses art and music as a vehicle for awareness, opening up minds to the environment, and the growing consciousness required to make the world go round in a calm and collected manner. Or maybe to make the world go round at all. 

Through various initiatives, the team aim to reduce their carbon footprint as much possible, operating as a 100% vegan festival in a bid to bite back at the negative effects that excessive animal agriculture has on our planet. In serving a vegan menu to approximately 1,000 people at the festival, Kip Anderson, director of the documentary 'Cowspiracy' predicts they'd save 1,100,000 gallons of water, 45,000 pounds of grain, 30,000 square feet of land, and the lives of 1,000 animals, as well as stopping 20,000 pounds of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

As well playing their part as an sustainable festival with watertight social values, the music isn't neglected, playing its part in tying together local Mexican talent with a bevvy of international names this year, including the debut live set from Omar S as well as appearances from Avalon Emerson, Project Pablo, Fred P and Margaret Dygas.

To further promote the festival in all its glory, we got one of the main organisers of Comunité, Wuuan, on board to share a playlist focusing on some of the best in Mexico's electronic music talent. Currently juggling a role as head of Boiler Room in Latin America, preparing to open a club in Mexico City, and holding down the life admin of the festival – he remains an inspirational and key figure in the country's increasingly notable and respected scene, with full intentions to keep Mexico's musical momentum in full throttle.

Read through Wuuan's selections below and get right in the Comunité zone.

Soul Of Hex Lip Reading (Larry Heard Midnight remix)

Wuuan: "Soul of Hex is an artist that lives in Tijuana, a bordering city with the US. I’ve been following him for a very long time though his label Vicario Music. It’s quite surprising the fact that he’s only 24 years old and has a label that is selling out batches of 500 copies around the world. I asked him for a track to be released on my CVMR label and had the crazy idea of asking Larry Heard to do a remix of this. IT HAPPENED. This happened."

Oscar Rocha & Schez Nada (Original Mix)

Wuuan: "I’ve been in love with this track since the very first time I heard it. It makes me think of a fusion of Mexican sounds and a bit of minimal house. Schez is an artist that has slowly faded away, but the few things he has put out are amazing. Oscar Rocha is a producer and DJ that has also been doing music for a while now."

Fedde Supermoon (CVMR)

Wuuan: "We launched this track about a year ago, with one of the coolest and nicest guys I know, Fedde. When I asked him for a track for our label CVMR, he sent me this. It just blew my mind. It just has so much feeling and honesty. This is why we printed this on vinyl as well."

Soul Of Hex Sleep Mistakes (Glenn Astro Dub Mistake)

Wuuan: "This is the latest release we put out in the CVMR. This is where a new sound for the imprint is born and another one forget. The super jazzy Glenn Astro remix is definitely my favourite. The hubby ambient just hypnotises me. I can just imagine myself playing it in a lazy afternoon in my living room. Perfect."

Comunité 001 Untitled B

Wuuan: "This is the very first release we put out with the Comunité label. It’s quite hypnotic as well and minimal. It’s crafted by one of our in-house producers, Pedro. It reminds me of that one time we threw a party in Tulum two years ago at Casa Mayakan, where Giegling’s Konstantin played for almost 15 hours straight. It was something very magical, and only 30 of us shared this experience which made it unique."

Parlaphone Barrels

Wuuan: "Parlaphone is also a very concealed gem within Mexico’s scene. He’s from Los Mochis, a very unusual place for electronic music. His tracks remind me of afternoon sunsets in Tulum, and intimate places with intimate people."

Cubenx First Wave Front

Wuuan: "Cubenx is one of the most talented Mexican artists I know. I have no connection with him at all, but I’ve been following him for a while now through his In Fine label. This track is really emotional. This year we are inviting him to play Comunité and are about to announce him. Because he lives in France, this will be the very first time we've done something with him."

AAAA & Tin Man Shelters Protect You

Wuuan: "This collaboration was curated by Jon and myself. Tin MAAAAN. It’s right after we invited them to collaborate in Mutek MX 2015, where we wanted to create a Frankenstein based on teaming up Mexicans and international artists. It was something really fulfilling to see this collaboration bloom into one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen live. It was teaming up two synth geniuses for a debut at both Boiler Room and then at the New York Haunted label."

A-rp I Bleed for Me and Mine (Cubenx Remix)

Wuuan: "Ensamble is a collective with a strong soul and is very interesting. Barbara and Indigo, the people behind this collective, which has now become a label, have grown incredibly in the last years. For the last Ensamble party, I went to in Mexico City, I got there late. Barbara told me she was sorry but I was too late to get in and left me outside, which felt nice and healthy for the scene to have promoters like this. But, I sneaked in and it was amazing. I felt like the kid I was back when I went to my first raves. It was in an abandoned ice factory – how more exotic can that be? My love for this collective grows more every day. They’ve launched their label with a pair of remixes from DJ Stingray and more, but this Cubenx remix for A-rp is definitely my favourite."

White Visitation Blood Revision

Wuuan: "I’ve known White Visitation since he started producing. The way he selected records and made music caught my attention instantly. He was the very first artist I though of when I launched the CVMR label like four years ago. In the end, he wasn’t into releasing stuff via digital, or something else. I don’t remember. Anyways, his productions are impeccable and the proof of this is that he’s been releasing on labels like Blank State, StyleS Upon Styles, and other labels like LIES."

Comunité takes place January 6th to 7th at Dos Ojos Park, Tulum, Mexico (info).

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