Playlist: VENN


Living in both London and Berlin, VENN encompass an impressive mix of musical influences. Their forthcoming debut release, 'RUNE001' -expected February 5th on the band’s own record label Runes -encompasses an impressive mix of the band's varied musical influences; from the more industrial-leaning sounds of West Germany in the '70s, right up to the bourgeoning post-punk influenced scene of early-millennial Atlanta.

The experimental essence of both eras is captured in VENN’s unconstrained recording process, with the inclusion of live takes, sampling and assertive rhythmic changes throughout which was reflected in the making of 'RUNE001'. Recorded at Total Refreshment Centre and produced by Kristian Craig Robinson (AKA Capitol K) of the Archie Bronson Outfit, the EP was performed in the studio and then chopped, dubbed and reassembled by the band, with lost sounds – now unremembered to VENN – finding their way back into these current compositions. These sporadic and improvised parts, such as the inclusion of vinyl being dragged backwards on a turntable, all contribute to the shining representation of VENN – 'RUNE001'.

'RUNE001' is expected for release February 5th on Runes.