Playlist: Tayla on hip hop and R&B


Each and every time summer comes around it's imperative to have good stock of R&B tinged pop anthems, and 20 year old Birmingham based vocalist Tayla can lay claim to one of them with her debut single Call Me Danger. Dancing around in the sugar sweet track's music video wearing a cropped hoodie and Tommy Hilfiger briefs, Tayla pays homage to '90s hip hop and R&B queens of her youth, whether it's the late Aaliyah or insanely styled trio TLC.

It's still early days for the promising pop vocalist, but seeing as the sun is still shining we got Tayla to prolong that summer feeling by putting together a playlist of the tracks she grew up on, and whether you wanted to drive as fast as Blu Cantrell in the video for Breathe, did the Rockaway to Lean Back, or cried along to Stan – there's bound to be something here that will spark a little bit of nostalgia.

Listen to Tayla's playlist on Spofity below, or check it out on YouTube.

Tayla's single Call Me Danger is out now on The Shooting Gallery Recordings – SYPM (buy). Tayla makes her London debut at Sink The Pink on September 17th.