Playlist: Chino Amobi


Born to Nigerian immigrant parents in Alabama and raised in Virginia, Chino Amobi is and one third of African label and collective NON. Working alongside co-founders Angel-Ho and Nkisi, the label defies borders and boundaries, using sound as their primary media in an aim to expose invisible structures in society, in a bid to distribute power and break down Europe's often banal perspectives of dance and electronic music.

Gearing up for his discussion around contemporary sonic commentary at Ableton Loop '16 in Berlin this November, Chino will aim to explore how sound and music can be used a political force after the mainstream assimilation of protest genres such as punk and techno.  The participants of will showcase how they use utilise sounds to create a unique output, including use of field recordings, track structures, and other musical parameters to engage with listeners and facilitate change. As a precursor to the chat, Chino Amobi has assembled a playlist which features tracks from his fellow NON family, as well as other groundbreaking artists such as Klein and Dedekind Cut. 

Read through Chino's selections below and listen seamlessly via our YouTube playlist.

FAKA Isifundo Sokuqala

Chino Amobi: "They are the future of South Africa. The future of the world. Brilliant performers and true African originators."

Embaci Angel Calling Embaci (Angel-Ho edit)

Chino Amobi: "This song sets new morals for the realm of electronic music and is a collaboration between two of the greatest artists I have ever met."


Chino Amobi: "Nkisi is the power house of NON. She is the strongest person I know, and the best DJ in the world."

Elysia Crampton Children of Hell

Chino Amobi: "Elysia is the don. That goes without saying. The music is what brings us together. She is my sister and I love her eternally. This is our collaboration off her album 'Demon City'."


Chino Amobi: "This song is from KABLAM's new EP 'Furiosa' on Janus. She is my favourite European DJ and is an extremely kind and sweet soul. So much power in her heart. She is a Benevolent King."

Gaika Enoch's Drone

Chino Amobi: "Gaika is a Prophet of Electronic music and is one of my favourite musicians. A heart of gold. This song is a great example of how far he is pushing the sound and how advanced he is." 

Klein Marks of Worship

Chino Amobi: "She's a genius and another example of why the UK is always one of my largest influences. Her spirit and style are unparalleled. The video for this is lit as well."

Farai The Sinner

Chino Amobi: "The first time I heard this song I went into a catatonic fit over how large it was. A very deep cut and my favourite song off of the NON 'Worldwide Compilation Vol 1'. Essential listening."

Dedekind Cut Caution

Chino Amobi: "A Black American artist who creates music that isn't rap or R&B oriented and is taken seriously. Enough said."

Why Be Kyselina OST

Chino Amobi: " A huge tune. Why Be has been fam for a very long time, way back since the MySpace era. I'm extremely proud of his achievements. This song is paralysing in its ambition, and the video will degenerate your unborn."

Chino Amobi speaks in a discussion on contemporary sonic commentary as part of Ableton Loop '16, which takes place November 4th-6th at Funkhaus, Berlin (info).