Naina curates our NEXT HYPE playlist


The DJ, radio host and label boss talks us through her favourite tunes out today...

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Today in the curating seat is DJ, Beats 1/Reprezent radio host and Hooversound Recordings boss Naina, who selects her favourite tracks out this week. Recently joining forces with fellow Reprezent DJ and longtime friend Sherelle, the pair launched the eagerly-awaited label together, kicking things off with a huge EP, ‘BS6‘, from Hyroglifics and Sinistarr. Amid a heavy schedule of presenting, which she’s still managing to do in isolation, Naina has scoured this week’s releases to find the only music that you need to hear – stream the playlist while you read about each selection below.

Amadeezy – ‘Go to Work’ (Moveltraxx)

“All four of these tracks on this EP are a great reflection of Detroit’s Ghettotech sound. I picked this one because its my favourite one to slip in radio shows and sets.Theres even a track on there that sounds like Basement Jaxx. (Honestly, it’ll lift your mood – it’s called ‘Let’s Rock This Party’.) Another solid release from 160 label Moveltraxx- pretty much everything they put out, I will play, or add to a playlist. Go check out the full release.”

Addison Groove – ‘Dreamscape 12’ (GutterFunk)

“One of the best in the game. Bristol’s Addison Groove once again pushing the boundaries of dance music with this release. You’ve got everything on here – big bass DJ tools, jungle, breaks, footwork and juke. What more could you want? I’m currently going through phases of favourites from the release, it was ‘Brand New Drop’ and now it’s this one, ‘Dreamscape 12’.”

Andrea – ‘TrackQY’ (Ilian Tape)

“Brand new 12-track project from Andrea dropped this week too! Out via the amazing Munich based label Ilian Tape. It’s been over a year since we’ve had music from Andrea but this project was definitely worth the wait.”

Flore – ‘Coded Language’ (POLAAR)

“This is a bit of me! Another great body of work thats been in the making for years – ten new tracks from Flore. The full album is out via POLAAR and it’s beautifully produced.”

Ozwald – ‘Faust’

“I have followed this producer for years and seen him go from strength to strength. I’ve heard this full EP and it’s one of his best – I’m glad he’s lead with this as the single, ‘Faust’ is proper gritty. The full project drops 17th April so make sure you support and keep an eye on his guy if you haven’t been already!”

Kouslin – ‘The Beast of Bolsover’ (Livity Sound)

“This is proper moody… great release from Kouslin. I love when artists make club music that has dancehall influences… whole release is weighty and really showcases the sounds that Kouslin can explore – and execute really really well.”

Floating Points – ‘Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix)’ (Ninja Tune)

“The original to this last year was pretty huge, but this remix gives it a whole new dynamic. It’s also named after the site of Manchesters Warehouse project which is pretty cool. In these bleak times, was nice to hear a rework of this out this week.”

Kloves – ‘Late for Home’ (Jack Dept.)

“This one is really making me miss the dance. Listen to this, close your eyes and pretend you’re at a rave. New EP from Kloves came out this week go check it while you’re pre-drinking for your Houseparty date tonight.”

Bauuer – ‘Magic’ (LuckyMe)

“New album from Bauuer is arriving soon… it’s called ‘PLANET’S MAD’ which feels kinda fitting right now. Two singles came out on Wednesday, both are MENTAL… wanted to dash my laptop out of the window… out on one of my favourite labels, home to so many of my favourite artists: LuckyMe.”

Nina Las Vegas feat Thai Chi Rosé – ‘Impossible’

“Another one that came out today! I love the fact that Nina and Thai met in London at Lil C’s Boiler Room Carnival Warm Up…Nina is one of my favourite selectas and NLV records has had a huge influence on me over the years and again, is one of my favourite labels. Thai Chi’s energetic vocals over Nina’s production works incredibly well.”

Hyroglifics x Sinistarr – ‘Turn Up’ (Hooversound)

“Can’t not slip this in at the end! I wish you saw mine and Sherelle‘s face when we first heard these tracks… literally screaming in each others faces – THIS IS THE ONE!!!!! Big up to Hyroglifics and Sinistarr for making one of my favourite EPs this year and allowing us to make it our first release on mine and Sherelle’s label, Hooversound. Lead track ‘BS6’ is the ‘wheel it/fuck off/ gun fingers in the air’ track we all need, but this is the second collaboration on the EP which slaps. Check it out.”

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