Lizzo tops our NEXT HYPE playlist this week


This week kicked off with some R.I.P-our-childhood news, in that MySpace has lost 12 years’ worth of music uploaded natively to the site. Here are some masterpieces from the social site’s golden era to get you nostalgic for simpler times.

Elsewhere on Dummy this week, we spoke to sen-sa-tio-nal pioneer General Levy about the best jungle tracks of all time, while Lolo Zouaï named her favourite Paris-inspired tracks. Experimental Shanghai producer Scintii helmed this week’s Dummy Mix: an extra-special, haunted blend of some of her favourites, and Penelope Trappes talked us through Houndstooth labelmate and cult synthesist Abul Mogard’s new remix EP. We went to see AJ Tracey live in Cambridge, and reported back from a wild week at SXSW. Doja Cat is one of the most exciting voices in hip-hop right now, and we met the LA-based rapper while she was on tour in London. Oh, and Irish drill is a thing now – here’s our piece looking into how Ireland’s changing demographic has facilitated the rise of the genre.

We’ve assessed all the music that’s been flooding into our inbox this week, and below is the result, with Lizzo and Missy Elliott’s ‘Tempo’ cutting through the noise.

Listen to the playlist in full:

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