Jim Legxacy, aboynamedblu, Kiimi and more front our BRAND NEW Tracks of the Week



Incorporating talent from across the globe, check out our five Tracks of the Week taken from our meticulously-curated BRAND NEW playlist showcasing some of the most exciting up-and-coming talents around.

1. Jim Legxacy – ‘cold lewisham roses’

Up-and-coming talent Jim Legxacy’s latest release ‘cold lewisham roses’ is a soul-bearing single exploring the emotional abuse he suffered during a previous relationship. Melding rap, drill, pop, Afrobeats and more, the track delves into the topic of classism, as well as Jim’s experiences of masculinity and hypersensitivity growing up as a young black man in South East London.

2. aboynamedblu – ‘building a boat’

Bubbling away in the underground while crafting his slick and stylish lo-fi sound, aboynamedblu’s brand new EP ‘in a room with no floors’ has finally landed. For this selection, however, we want to take it back to a project he released earlier in the year with a single entitled ‘building a boat’. Emotive, vocally stunning and poignant, it’s what the rising artist is all about.

3. Kiimi – ‘Trust’

Continuing to develop her eclectic melting pot of hazy electronics, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Kiimi is on the money yet again with her new single ‘Trust’. Combining her ethereal vocals with a low-slung liquid house sound, the track acts as a dazzling ode to club culture.

4. Ebina Florine x Paperwater – ‘When You Call Me’

Navigating the warm waters of electronic, pop and alternative soul from her sun-soaked hometown of Miami, Ebina Florine has been making her organic soundscapes since 2016. Her latest single ‘When You Call Me’ enlists the help of avant-garde production duo Paperwater to create the laid-back beat for Ebina’s melodies to glide over.

5. Pongo – ‘Wegue Wegue’

It’s rare to find a track as instantly captivating as ‘Wegue Wegue’ by Pongo. Mixing her African heritage with EDM, dancehall and melodic pop, the rising star embodies the renewal of Kuduro music – a powerful and energetic dance sound originating in Angola. This is one that is sure to get the party started.

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