Zomby – Equinox [stream]

Sweet new release from shady man who's never sounded better.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Zomby follows up ‘Dedication’, released back in July, with ‘Nothing’, a new EP released today. While the album made in memory of his late father is undeniably very, very good, the EP format seems to suit Zomby better. ‘Nothing’ is seven short tracks long; focused, sharp, no fat. The centrepiece is Equinox (listen below), stringing taut, punchy keys over bulbous bass. It’s head-back, smack-your-lips good. For all the finely tuned focus, the funny thing about ‘Nothing’ is that it feels like Zomby at his most free.

4AD release Zomby ‘Nothing’ on 28th November 2011

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