Zomby album details and free MP3

Information on 'Dedication', Zomby's 4AD debut, and an MP3 co-starring Panda Bear, both of which are pretty important, by any measure.


Words by: Charlie Jones

July 11th will be the day that Zomby’s album, ‘Dedication’, is released on 4AD. Of the album, Zomby has said: “This record is a dedication to someone much loved and missed.” You don’t need us to tell you that Zomby is one of the most important producers of his generation, and that this is a very important release. 4AD will release a one-sided 10” with Zomby’s Natalia’s Song on it.

To publicise this (as if it needed publicising!) his label has released his track with Panda Bear, Things Fall Apart, into the ether. Please, please download the MP3 on the right, it’s terribly good.

4AD will release Zomby’s album ‘Things Fall Apart’ on the 11th July 2011 and Zomby’s 10” Natalia’s Song on the 9th May