Zero 7 – 400 Blows (John Wizards remix)

Cape Town pop musician does a wicked remix of Zero 7.


'EP3' is a return to the early days of Zero 7, a soft, headphones-y listen that feels more exploratory than their more pop-focused major label work.

If you buy the EP on vinyl, you'll get four understated songs from the duo, including team-ups with José González, Danny Pratt, and Only Girl. But if you download it, you'll get a fifth song – a remix of opening track 400 Blows by John Wizards.

We've written about John Wizards plenty of times on these pages, but for the new initiates amongst you, what you need to know is that Wizards is a musician from Cape Town who makes exuberant, imaginative pop music. His debut album, released in 2013, is something we're still listening to today, and we suggest you do the same until new music emerges.

John Wizards' version of 400 Blows echoes another recent rework – his take on Cash+David – in the way that it builds up slowly before exploding into a burst of energy and colour that barely resembles the music that came before it.

If you like, you can stream the whole of 'EP3' here. Otherwise, sink your teeth into Wizards' remix below.

Zero 7 'EP3' tracklisting:

01. 400 Blows
02. The Color of Spring 
03. Last Light 
04. Crush Tape 

Make Records/Kobalt released 'EP3' on April 14th 2015 (buy).