Busta Rhymes, Jepordise and a zebra's vagina feature on the New York rapper's second mixtape.


Words by: Steph Kretowicz

The NYC rapper Zebra Katz, who cracked the fashion world with the five-years-gestating dark bass of Ima Read and its clever nod to ballroom culture and US national literacy levels, has followed up last year’s ‘Champagne’ mix tape with the long promised follow-up, ‘DRKLNG’. Jepordise-produced March release Y I DO features, as well as vocals by what sounds suspiciously like Busta Rhymes in Ima Lead.

He carries on with the moody vibes and growling, slightly lilting flow, punctured by a collage of popular cultural references, including film ‘Fame’ and, weirdly, the Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd comedy ‘Dinner for Schmucks’. In the context of Ojay Morgan’s visual art background, it makes more sense when the hilariously apt art world monologue by one very pretentious-sounding artist expounds, “Do you know what it feels like to be elbow deep in a zebra’s vagina?”. Unfortunately, no.

Listen to Zebra Katz’s ‘DRKLNG’ on Pitchfork.

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