Yung Nation – Shawty Wassup (Murlo remix)

Texan club music mixes with the cooler UK air on this remix, a highlight of a new EP from Southern Hospitality.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Yung Nation are a teenage duo out of Dallas, Texas who make fun party music and are also the originators of the dance style called Skitzing. With a strong regional following and a string of local hits behind them, they've caught the attention of London label Southern Hospitality – who have put together a remix EP of their latest single Wassup Shawty. Seven producers twist the original to their distinct moods – from Suicideyear's vivid synth instrumentation to Parisian Captain Kadillac's booty bass and New Jersey's DJ Tricks' taut workout – but we're highlighting Murlo's remix: a featherlight melodic track that expertly combines the brashness of the US act with the bubbly grace of the dance music celebrated on this side of the pond. 

This and the rest of the EP is free to stream and download from here, and the original single Shawty Wassup is out on eOne Music now.

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