You can hear Daft Punk’s new album in full now

Get 'Random Access Memories' in your computer and in your ears, a week before its release.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

In a very similar fashion to another wildly anticipated comeback release in 2013, French duo Daft Punk are now streaming their new album ‘Random Access Memories’ in full on iTunes a week ahead of its release.

Riding in on a wave of hype, the record sounds every bit as brash and colourful as you would hope, and has more than its share of thrilling and questionable decisions that will keep the debate around it going. One thing’s for sure: Pharrell’s contributions are unsurprisingly brilliant, and Get Lucky just becomes even more of a tune each time we hear it.

Head to Daft Punk’s artist page on iTunes to hear the album in full.