YaDi – Sahara Heart [mp3]

London-based singer makes smart pop about smarting heartache.


Words by: Charlie Jones

A year since her track Guillotine was let loose on the net, Hannah Yadi is back, giving away her latest track Sahara Heart. Like all good pop it tells a recognisable tale of heartbreak: affection is unreservedly dished-out in hope of reciprocation, until it becomes apparent that the intended beneficiary cares not, and is in fact a hostile habitat for any such blossoming love. On the surface, it’s the boundlessly overflowing voice and hopeful shimmering self-produced beats which catch your attention, but listen closer and there’s quiet composure that reveals YaDi’s true backbone. Keep a look out for dancefloor remixes coming via Addison Groove, Dam Mantle and The Shining.

YADi plays The Old Queen’s Head, London November 17th and The Green Door Store, Brighton December 1st.

Sahara Heart by YADi

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