Kerou – KΞR✡U’S LAMENT (犠牲)

After breaking up his old band, WU LYF singer Ellery Roberts has shared a new song from his solo venture.


Remember when WU LYF called it quits? Following the dissolution of the Manchester band, three of its members formed a new group called Los Porcos, but that group was missing one essential ingredient: namely one Ellery Roberts, the distinctive voice of the group, who chose to leave after the release of their debut album ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’.

Today, Roberts has uploaded a new song to his Soundcloud account named KΞR✡U’S LAMENT (犠牲). Painful as that is to read, the title makes sense – the new project is officially named Kerou, according to DIY. You can hear the song below, and follow any updates about Kerou’s music over on Roberts’s Tumblr.