WU LYF no more?

Over the weekend the Manchester band posted a new song and announced their break-up, then deleted all evidence that they had done so.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Fans of smoke without fire WU LYF caused a stir this weekend by seemingly announcing their break-up on Youtube.

The Manchester four piece unveiled a new track titled T R I U M P H on the site, with an extended “goodbye” letter from frontman Ellery James Roberts in the video description. The video has since been deleted.

Roberts states in the glum letter that the band is “dead to [him]”, but bassist Tom McClung was sounding slightly more chipper as he tweeted on Saturday, “Not over yet.” The band have been known to hint that they might break up without actually doing so before, so time will tell whether this really is the end.

Read Ellery’s thought-provoking letter below:

“By the time I wrote this I was all ready gone. You know you aint got nothing but time, but time isn’t an infinite currency I want to see wasted. If this is our last month living, apocalypse looming, I am not going to spend my final hours waiting in purgatory. I am done. There is nothing here that inspires/ interests me beyond the emptiness for dreams. and I don’t want to spend my life asleep; dreaming of a….

Wake up! We stay safe/ everything is golden/ in this place.

WU LYF is dead to me. The sincerity of “Go tell fire” was lost in the bull shit of maintaining face in the world we live. Clap your hands chimp everybody’s watching. A year spent losing faith; Innocence lost wide eyes see clear the dark. There’s blood running down streets of every city in the world, what’s a song to do, pretend it mean everything/nothing to you. Another distraction from the world we live. I and I struggle for a based positivity; Get free or die trying; J C Hung him self up for the easy way out. so Broken Mama Cita be kind to me.

P E O are P L E the world over. Your beautiful and strange, and I love you. But The Great Longings calling and I’m young and free enough to try and answer.

Ellery James Roberts”