Wild Beasts – Wanderlust (Factory Floor remix)

London electronic trio totally destroy the lead single from Wild Beasts' new, fourth album.


Following on from Gabe Gurnsey's recent acid burnt remix of Max Cooper's Impacts, London electronic trio Factory Floor have reworked Wanderlust, the lead single from Wild Beasts' forthcoming album 'Present Tense'.

Look, let's just get this out the way now: Factory Floor's version sounds absolutely naff all like the original song. Besides one or two vocal fragments from Wild Beasts' original, this is a Factory Floor track through and through, and one that basks in its squelching, raw, compellingly groovy glory. You get the feeling that they might've taken on the advice of one Mr. Weatherall (well, via Primal Scream) when it came to doing this: "Just fucking destroy it!"

Domino will release 'Present Tense'  on February 24th 2014.