Wih’lo – Unbreak

Sounds of the US electronic music underground via subtle, UK-influenced track by new Chicago producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

The Atlantic Ocean, carrier of people, weather and music, has long worked in the USA’s favour. In music terms, Europe has been swimming in the waves made by its American cousins for donkey’s years. It’s interesting, then, with the States’ current obsession with (that ghastly acronym alert) EDM, that there’s a growing undercurrent of new US producers who have clearly been influenced by the UK electronic music scene. Take 19-year-old Chicago producer Wih’lo for example. His track Unbreak carries the whispers of Mount Kimbie, James Blake and Koreless, which is to say it’s very easy on the ear, rising and falling with a subtly the US mainstream is so clearly lacking. Unbreak is a standout in the ‘Lost At Sea’ digital compilation, released for free download by San Francisco music blog The Soul Electronic. Where Wih’lo and co go next is anybody’s guess, but it’ll be an interesting one to follow.

The Soul Electronic released Unbreak as part of their ‘Lost At Sea’ free digital compilation on 1st January 2013.