What we can learn from recent events in Norway

Read a moving article by Wyndham Wallace on the cultural phenomenon of nationalism, its links with music, and how the Norwegians have risen above it.


Words by: Charlie Jones

In this moving feature written for The Quietus, Wyndham Wallace reflects on what we can learn from Norway as a nation after the horrific events of this weekend.

Reflecting on the use of the Norwegian flag as a symbol of strength and unity in crisis, Wallace laments, “In contrast, Britain’s Union Jack, and England’s St George’s flag, whether we like it or not, have become symbols of imperialism, right wing extremism and – thanks to Britpop – loutish hooliganism even in music.”

This stirring piece will have you thinking twice about the cultural connotations our flags carry, and the musical influences we have wrapped up in our national identity; and more importantly, it celebrates the bravery of the Norwegian people during this incredibly difficult time.