We’re DJing a night for the 10th anniversary of Aaliyah’s passing

Real Gold pull together How To Dress Well, Eliphino, Martelo, Tim & Barry and us to salute the passing of the great most exalted one.


Words by: Charlie Jones

You don’t need us to tell you that Aaliyah’s death in a aeroplane accident in 2001 at the tragically young age of 22 robbed the world of one of the greatest voices in history. Her music, coming as it did in the midst of the nu-soul dirge of the late 90s, was futuristic at a time of retromania, astoundingly adventurous and perfectly melodious, infiitely subtle and nuanced in a genre given to cliche. She embraced sonic technology and love and sex’s eternal whoops and whoopsies with delicate precision. And that voice! We could go on forever, to be frank, but down to brass tacks – on Thursday evening, we’ll be playing our favourite jams alongside some of our favourite people to mark ten years without Aaliyah at the east London bar Alibi. Real Gold have also invited How To Dress Well, Eliphino, Martelo, Tim & Barry and Work It, and we hope to see you down there.


We will be DJing with How To Dress Well, Eliphino Martelo, Tim & Barry and Work It at the Alibi, Kingsland Road, east London, on the 25th August 2011

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