Watch visual artists Iain & Jane perform in the Ace Hotel x Moog Sound Lab

The duo unfold a dream-within-a-dream narrative under the haunting rumbles and clashing crescendoes of the intricate Moog set up.


Words by: Natalie /

With very little experience as music makers, visual artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard were an eagerly anticipated addition to the Moog Sound Lab.

We thought they'd pull off the unexpected and we were proved right. Utilizing the talents of a pair of actors to bring a dream tale of the perfect night's sleep to suitably sonambulant life, weaving a dream-within-a-dream narrative over and under the haunting rumbles and clashing crescendoes resonating from the intricate Moog set up. Given their background in filmmaking, it wasn't a surprise that they crafted a lushly cinematic experience. 

Iain and Jane added to the atmosphere by serving a specially distilled gin to audience members. Not in an attempt to get them sozzled, but as an extrasensory device — said drink was the favourite tipple of the characters in the story. All that combined with hallucinary trigger of Gysin's Dream Machine aided the listener to create their own eyes wide shut cinema which unfolded and unfurled perfectly.

Watch the video above and find out more about the Moog Sound Lab's residency at Ace Hotel here.

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