Watch Lana Del Rey’s amazing short film Tropico

All rise to worship the queen of lush aesthetics, nostalgic Americana and indulgent monologues.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

"In a land of gods and monsters, I was an angel" seems to be one of the most significant lines in this 30 minute film from camp Lana Del Rey, in which the singer and aesthete explores ideas of innocence and purity against a backdrop of overbearing iconography, pop culture worship and sexual deviation. It's a little OTT in the most effusive and brilliant way, as among lewd imagery and surreal homages to classic Americana, Del Rey plays both deviant and devout. 

Expect to see her praying, pole-dancing, pouting, firing guns, slow dancing in fields, singing (Body Electric, Gods & Monsters and Bel Air) and generally being wonderful amongst a rapid series of luscious, larger than life settings, touching on references from Milton to Walt Whitman and from Marilyn Monroe to Elvis. 

The film was made by Ride and National Anthem director Anthony Mandler, stars model Shaun Ross, and is unmissable. Get stuck in below.

Lana Del Rey's second album 'Ultraviolence' is coming soon.