Dizzee Rascal gets gory in his slasher flick-pastiching video for Couple of Stacks

Dizzee Rascal goes full psycho in his slasher flick-homaging new video.


It's Halloween, and for Dizzee Rascal that means it's killing season. His new video for Couple of Stacks, produced by Footsie, is a big homage to slasher flicks and other classic horror films, seeing Dizzee playing an axe murderer going around brutalising his captives in some sort of haunted mansion in generally hideous ways.

Naturally, it's not for the faint-hearted. There are lots of dismembered limbs and eyeballs and fingertips and other body parts that should, traditionally, be attached to the human body. And given the whole thing is precision-engineered to court controversy, it's obviously not recommended to watch at work.

The video won't be on Youtube, or on the radio (which, er, should be obvious when you hear the lyrics), and it'll be taken offline on Sunday at midnight. With that in mind, head over to Noisey to watch it in full. 

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