Watch Bok Bok’s Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

The Night Slugs head explains his label's direction, the importance of pirate radio, smoke and the club as a context.


Words by: Anthony Walker

In RBMA’s latest run of lectures in New York, south London DJ Bok Bok sat down to talk about his approach to dance music. Night Slugs, the label he co-runs with L-Vis 1990, have been putting out music and putting on parties since about the turn of the decade with a distinctive style held together by a shared aesthetic and sonic qualities but too sharp to adequately pin down or reduce.

Bok Bok may not be able to explain it fully but he does say a lot of interesting things about the central importance of the nightclub, early influences like FWD>> and DJ Slimzee and how he linked up with collaborators like Girl Unit, Egyptrixx (whose taken charge of the latest in our exclusive mix series), Jam City and Helix. Watch the full video here.