WANDA GROUP – Moon Has Got Her Umbro On (How We Visualise Hav)

Absorbing, 10-minute sonic portrait by Brighton producer with an knack for nailing nameless emotion.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

There is no-one quite like Brighton’s WANDA GROUP, which, if you follow his psyche-trawling ramblings on Twitter you will be well aware. But that’s just background noise to his command of sound, his ability to namelessly name emotions you weren’t even quite aware of. It’s something I’ve gone on about before. And now there’s more reason in the form of this 10-minute sonic portrait of his friend Hav Lyfe, whose self-titled debut album Sonic Router put out earlier this week. Sonic Router are giving away WANDA GROUP’s Moon Has Got Her Umbro On (How We Visualise Hav) to wise persons who purchase Hav Lyfe’s album here but you can dip your ears in here now.

Sonic Router Records released Hav Lyfe’s self-titled debut album on 4th February 2013 (buy it here), and it includes this 10-minute bonus track by WANDA GROUP.

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