Violetness – The Coal (Sun Glitters remix)

A choppy, chanting take on an ethereal track from a rising Chicago musician.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Sun Glitters has a great name as well as a great sound; evoking the sweetness of summer, the Luxembourg beat maker mainly produces music that draws on the warm, slow, tide-surfing rhythms of those long, hot months. It might be a hackneyed technique to draw comparisons between music and the weather, but Sun Glitters embraces and revels in this cliché, in a fashion just as surprising and frivolous as the unexpected heatwave we’re enjoying right now.

His latest remix is of ‘The Coal’, a gentle track by Chicago-based singer-songwriter Violetness that has been floating around since November last year. The remix is set for release on LebensStrasse Records in April, as part of Violetness’s upcoming 12”/EP entitled ‘Last Night In My Dreams, I Was Talking to You’.

Stripping away the vocal magic of the original until it becomes merely the most tantalising hint of a voice, Sun Glitters’ version of the tune resembles the sun-bleached remains of a song, with elements of a melody crackling under an electronically polished, statically charged surface.

Stream the remix below.

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