Vinyl Williams announces his ‘Ultimate World’ EP

The Los Angeles-based artist and musician has released a mystical and supernatural collection of song through Warmest Chord.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Lionel (Vinyl) Williams, is a Los Angeles-based artist and musician known for his collage art & psyche-pop music, and is now set to unveil an EP entitled ‘Ultimate World’ through Warmest Chord.

William’s EP, recorded in the high peaks of Utah, is out now and features four exclusive new songs, plus two tracks from his downloadable album ‘Lemniscate’ and a bespoke limited A3 screen print designed by the artist himself.

Three songs are available to buy individually, with the fourth song and two bonus tracks only available with a screen print purchase. ‘Ultimate World’ is also available to stream via Soundcloud.

You can watch Chroma Heart’s video below, and check the EP tracklisting above that.


Teal Palm

Chroma Heart

Magic Jungle

Real Life

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