Tomorrow’s Achievements

A stroll through Canadian library music label Parry Music's 70s back catalogue.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

It’s not often (read never) that a press release makes my heart skip but these words did something to me this morning: “These are the soundtracks to movie car chases never known, lost kids TV shows never realized, radio-ads never broadcast…” There’s something intrinsically devastating about library music, and this description – for a new compilation mined from Toronto-based Parry Music’s 1976-86 archives – hits the nail on the head. Library music: music made not to be heard but to be filed until a relevant usage occasion arrises. Thankfully, of course, there are swathes of library music fans out there, which means the lovingly complied ‘Tomorrow’s Achievements’ will happily find ears free from originally intended contexts. Put together by London label Public Information, it’s a sweet peek into a future imagined by the library music composers of the past, which you can preview below.

Public Information will release Tomorrow’s Achievements on 15th October 2012