Vanilla Hammer – Cosmicomics

Elemental soup of a new track from patten-backed producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

"It was doubtless because nature itself satisfied his need that Shinji felt no particular lack of music in his life," wrote tragic Japanese author Yukio Mishima in his book The Sound of Waves [1956]. I read this sentence this morning on the tube and it has stayed with me, an idea and an ideal that I am at once so unfamiliar and familiar with. When I hit play on this new track from Vanilla Hammer, who has previously been released on patten's Kaleidoscope label (grab his Limited Dubs release here), those words jumped to the front of my head again. Cosmicomics sounds like rocks and wind and rain and lightening; an elemental soup that strangely – or perhaps not so strangely – satisfies.