Underground Resistance finally repress their best music

For the first time since the death of Detroit vinyl cutting pioneer, Underground Resistance are re-releasing the best bits of their back catalogue as single EPs, including 'Hi Tech Jazz' and 'Electronic Warfare'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The original doublepacks will be repackaged as single EPs with the “most essential” tracks from each doublepack for the first time in years. The lack of represses stemmed from UR chief ‘Mad’ Mike Banks’ refused to use any other vinyl cutters following the death of his favourite, Ron Murphy three years ago. Ron Murphy was the man responsible for cutting most of Detroit’s early 90s techno from the likes of Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills, and also behind such innovating techniques as the first locked grooves in techno, and reverse spirals. However, now Underground Resistance has teamed up with Complete Mastering, run by Ron Murphy devotee Dietrich Shoenemann, and are re-releasing some of their back catalogue. The records set for re-release are as follows:

UR-025 (Hi Tech Jazz)
UR-029 (Dark Energy)
UR-033 (Electronic Warfare)
UR-042 (The Turning Point)
UR-045 (Interstellar Fugitives)

You can also watch a video with further details about this endeavour here:

Release date details pending