Tyler The Creator interviewed on BBC Radio 1

Zane Lowe interviews the American 'Goblin' rapper of the moment.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Odd Future“http://oddfuture.com/‘s Tyler The Creator made its comeback in the BBC Radio 1 studios the other day, and has been interviewed by radio dj and presenter Zane Lowe.

After last year’s heavily censored performance of their song Sandwitches from Tyler’s second album ‘Goblin’, the American rapper and record producer gave this time a much more controlled speech.

The chat saw Tyler mentioning his approval for the “back to the bone” Rihanna and discussing about several topics such as records artworks, sell-out shows, Odd Future Records and his emotional connection and relationship with the fans. However, the ‘Goblin’ rapper didn’t want to talk about his next album, leaving a disappointed Zane with a laconic “We will just have to see.”

You can stream and enjoy Tyler’s interview on the BBC iPlayer.

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