Turntable icon DJ Yoda returns with a tour of the city at night in ‘London Fields’

Watch the video exclusively here


London turntable master DJ Yoda today returns with the video for his new single ‘London Fields’. Featuring rising jazz and soul singer Joel Culpepper, the song sees Yoda piecing together jazz samples to create a boom bap-tinged beat. Culpepper provides a stunning falsetto over the top, lamenting his loneliness and troubled mind as scratches, horns and strings melt together.

One of the most respected DJs in Britain, ‘London Fields’ is the first release from DJ Yoda since his 2016 Stranger Things mix went viral. It’s also a departure from Yoda’s usual sample-only style, featuring specially recorded vocals from Culpepper.

The video, premiering below, follows a young boy through the streets of London at night, juxtaposed with shots of Culpepper walking the same route, Yoda and a cellist appearing in the background throughout. Directed by Mike Rodgers, it’s an atmospheric video that captures the moody vibe of the track perfectly.

Watch it below.

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