Trojan creates the world’s first double DJ mixer

‘The Trojan’ was invented and designed by Trojan Sound System’s Daddy Ad.


Words by: Natalie /

Trojan Sound System have created ‘The Trojan’, the world’s first DJ mixer that allows two DJs to operate the unit at the same time.

Invented and designed by Daddy Ad, the analogue system is “essentially, a very high end pre-amp with some added bespoke DJ functionality.” Daddy Ad says that The Trojan was created to assist in back-to- back DJ sets:

“As Trojan Sound System, Earl [Gateshead] and I both operate the mixer, which has resulted in wrist slapping on many an occasion! It is, therefore, perfect for back-to-back sets, which is how Earl and I generally play, mixing records, live production and FX with the live vocalists.”

"According to a statement, the two player mode allows two DJs to cue independently on two separate cue stages. In two player mode, the cue VU meters are assigned to the two separate cue stages on the left and right, so both DJs can read these independently as well.The channel on/off allows you to find the perfect and optimal level for the next record which you can't do on most rotary mixers and you can also assign any channel to one of the two, three way isolators/crossovers on the isolator we've designed with bespoke crossover points. In one player mode, all cueing reverts to the left hand side cueing and the cue VU meters become stereo. The sound quality of this mixer is next level compared to the DJ mixer marketplace and something more akin to very high-end audiophile Hi-fi, rather than mixers with cheap transistors and digital synthesis, that just degrade the sound”

For more details about ’The Trojan’, head to the Trojan Sound System website