Triad God – Remand

Listen to the debut single from the South London-based, Cantonese-speaking rapper's upcoming full-length debut.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Triad God first caused a stir with the release of his viral mixtape NXB (an abbreviation of ‘New Cross Boys’) with producer Palmistry earlier this year. Now, Hippos in Tanks are re-releasing the tape as a remastered full-length, and you can stream the lead single, ‘Remand’, here.

The brains behind Triad God come in the form of half-Vietnamese, half-Chinese Londoner Vinh Ngan, whose ties to his home of New Cross and the company he keeps there completely define his bleakly nostalgic sound. Sweeping across genres, Palmistry’s dreamy, woozy beats are a lovely counterpoint to Triad’s world-weary, deadpan flow of Cantonese rap. Stream the track below.

Hippos in Tanks will release ‘NXB’ on the 13th November.

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