Jacking house will never end if Trax Records’s Sir Nenis has anything to say about it

Almighty jacking house dubs from Helsinki, from the label that built Chicago house.


Words by: Charlie Jones

One of the many more satisfying movements of the last 18 months has been a return of rudeness to house’s increasingly smooth surface, from funky’s sweet and tender hooliganism to the bracing jacks of Berlin’s avant garde (CC Heatsick, much of Stroboscopic Artefacts).

Chicago, of course, is the source for this stuff, even if it has to come through Finland to get here, as is the case of Helsinki producer Sir Nenis’s frankly astounding dub version of Freaks, out through TRAX’s Bandcamp. The full EP is streaming underneath the dub of the title track, as is proof that house’s vital, visceral energy will never die.

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