Dummy is partnering with music discovery game Tradiio


Dummy is partnering with Tradiio, a music discovery game that connects streaming to the real world.

While on other platforms streaming music is a one-way exchange, with Tradiio, you play, interacting and virtually investing in the artists that you believe in most. Like a stock market for music, you can exchange your virtual winnings for real life experiences, like tickets to festivals and access to exclusive concerts.

Crucially, the most successful artists on the platform can earn rewards like festival bookings, studio time, radio play, press coverage, and even deals with labels.

Tradiio is launching early in 2015, but they're already actively encouraging artists to upload their music to the site. Artists that upload their music now will ensure that their music will be amongst the first to be available for users to invest in at launch.

Artists should sign up here, while users can join here.