Tom Vek announces ‘We Have Sound’ 10th anniversary vinyl boxset and live show

Tom Vek celebrates 10 years of his debut album with a live show and triple-vinyl reissue. Stream Tim Love Lee's dub of C-C (You Put The Fire In Me) now.


Tom Vek's debut album 'We Have Sound' turns 10 this year, and there's a set of plans in place to commemorate the milestone.

'We Have Sound' was first released on April 5th 2005, peaking at #73 in the UK charts. Perhaps not a monumental achievement on paper, but the record turned out to be something of a cult smash over the years, an unlikely bedroom pop record that opened the floodgates for a wave of spiky indie/dance crossover acts. Adding to its legacy was the fact that Vek seemed to vanish off the face of the earth after its release – he's obviously resurfaced, and has released two strong albums since 2011, but the fact that we didn't have sound in those intervening six years really was a mystery.

To mark the decade, Vek will be playing the album in full at The Electric in Brixton, London on May 22nd, while Tummy Touch are releasing a triple-vinyl issue of the record featuring the original album repressed on heavyweight vinyl ('We Have Sound'), unheard songs from before the album's release ('Pre Have Sound'), and dub mixes of the tracks by Tummy Touch boss Tim Love Lee ('We Dub Sound').

The standard reissue will be out on May 22nd, while full details, the release date, and tracklisting of the fancy new boxset are still to come, but for now you can listen to Tim Love Lee's dub mix of the album's opening track C-C (You Put The Fire In Me).

Tom Vek plays 'We Have Sound' in full at Brixton Electric, London on May 22nd 2015 (buy tickets).