Tom Vek is playing his 2005 album ‘We Have Sound’ in full


Tom Vek will perform at London's Brixton Electric on May 22nd to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'We Have Sound', playing the modern cult classic album in full.

Released in 2005, 'We Have Sound' became a bit of an underground sensation, praised for its wit, DIY attitude, and seriously good racket. Its reputation was bolstered by the fact that Vek seemed to disappear from the music world completely after its release, only re-surfacing six years later with its follow-up 'Leisure Seizure'. Vek's most recent album, 'Luck', was released last year.

It's a bit unexpected, to be honest, but it seems that we're getting to the point where a lot of records from the indie boom are hitting milestones. 2005 was, after all, the year that saw debut albums from Test Icicles, Good Shoes,

Tom Vek plays 'We Have Sound' at Brixton Electric on May 22nd 2015 (buy tickets).

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