Todd Terje – Johnny And Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)


Todd Terje has been teasing a collaboration with Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry for donkeys now, but they've finally made good on their studio time together with Johnny And Mary, a cover of Robert Palmer's song of the same name that'll appear on Terje's debut album.

Terje and Ferry's version is a fair change from the original – on its most basic level, the tempo seem to have been slashed in half – but the major change is an emotional one. It's epic, it's camp, and it's bloody beautiful. Terje himself likens it to Chariots Of Fire and Berlin's Take My Breath Away on his Soundcloud, which, when you consider the scale of those songs, seems sort of fair.

Olsen will release 'It's Album Time' on April 7th 2014.


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