Tim Hecker – Virginal II

The Canadian sound artist sculpts a five-minute dream world.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Wonderful noise artist Tim Hecker is set to release a brand new album via Kranky this October, and it's touted as one that will see him explore a lighter, hazier spectrum of sound. The first track to be shared from that release is Virginals II (hear it in the player top left), which lives up to that promise with delicate wafts of guitar, creeping distortion and gradually intensifying synth pulsations. The way in which this piece builds, releases and then meanders blissfully around its own intricacies is typical of a Hecker composition, but somehow it also embodies that clean and glistening new sound hinted at in the press release and the title – airy and shimmering, it's as dense and overwhelming yet refreshing and light as fresh virgin snow. 

Virginal II is also available as a free download here.

Kranky will release 'Virgins' on the 14th October 2013.