Tim Hecker is releasing a spin-off album to ‘Ravedeath, 1972’

'Dropped Pianos' is nine sketches that were made before the album, so you can hear a bit of what goes on in the Canadian noise-maker's mind.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Quebecois artist will be releasing ‘Dropped Pianos’ in October, an album that consists of nine sound ‘sketches’ which were recorded as part of the planning out of his last album ‘Ravedeath, 1972’, so we can all step inside the Tim Hecker creative process, and maybe learn a little bit about how those bewitching noise glaciers of his last album started out. Hecker has so far released seven albums, mostly on Kranky, alongside a whole host of tapes and EPs as well. His music is richly textured, delicate, bruised noise, and a stripped down rougher version of his sound will definitely be something worth getting hold of.

01. Sketch 1
02. Sketch 2
03. Sketch 3
04. Sketch 4
05. Sketch 5
06. Sketch 6
07. Sketch 7
08. Sketch 8
09. Sketch 9

Kranky will release ‘Dropped Pianos’ on 10th October 2011

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