Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin – Uptown Psychedelia


When you think Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin, (AKA Oneohtrix Point Never) you think of music that skirts the very edges of music itself; it’s intense, unusual and even difficult, playing with your expectations and always exploring its own musical and sensual curiosity.

That curious, difficult energy is what defines ‘Uptown Psychedelia’, a brand new collaboration between the two giants of electronic music. Brutal and bent out of shape noises characterise this startling track, which attempts to get right to the core of music itself and the stuff it’s made out of.

The song comes as the result of ‘SSTUDIOS’ (Software Studios Series), a project from Software Recording Co. that invites electronic artists to collaborate on works of quality and vision. The outcome of this, for Hecker and Lopatin, is a full-length album entitled Instrumental Tourist, due in November, which presents the result of several studio meetings between the two in which they attempted to use techniques rooted in jazz improvisation, with very little preparation beforehand.

Listen to the first taster of this experimental record, in the form of ‘Uptown Psychedelia’, below.

Software Recording co will release ‘Instrumental Tourist’ on the 19th November 2012.