Tiga introduces Clouds

A week before their debut album drops, Tiga writes about why he's supporting Scottish production duo Clouds.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Ahead of the release of their debut album ‘Ghost Systems Rave’ next week, it’s time to get to know Scottish producers Clouds. We could try to fill you in on their particular brand of messy techno, but really there’s no one more qualified to tell you why you should be listening to them than the man who signed them: DJ/producer Tiga. Take a listen to the record in full here thanks to Resident Advisor, and read on to find out why you should be excited about this rising duo.

Tiga: “Words are cheap. Reviews mean nothing. What really carries the most weight in the world of dance music is how many times a real-life DJ in a real-life situation reached for your track. To entrust your set, and your dancefloor, at that pivotal moment to the work of a certain producer, is really the highest compliment we can pay. In the past few years, I dont think I’ve paid that compliment to anybody as much as CLOUDS. Yes, they are on my label, but that doesn’t mean shit: nepotism doesn’t work at 5am when you need results.

The point is that their productions have survived hundreds of battle-tests and are still standing. It started back in 2011, at the tail-end of the mega-buildup banger era: a track called Numbers, that could be played at the highest energy echelons. Next came (my favorite) Matter: again, big-room power… but with a more restrained, deeper sound. It was an EP so dope, we started Twin Turbo as a sub-label for it. I cant really put into words how much I love Matter. I still play it almost every night. It’s massive without being annoying. Gets hands in the air, without me feeling like a douchebag. Then they continued with Optic, which for me again, was like the missing link between bass-culture and techno. just perfect.

But that was just the h’ors d’oeuvre.

Consciousness was the best techno record of 2012. Ask Dave Clarke. Ask Chris Leibing. Ask more commercial crowds from Ushaia to Spanish festivals: it was a monster. Non-techno people have no idea how hard it is to make a simple-techno-bomb. It seems easy. It’s not: and Clouds know how to do it.

They are young. They are prolific. They are fast. They even have personalities. Most importantly, they seem to always get better: and always sound like themselves, even as they venture into new territories.

Round the office I have a saying: anybody can make one big record. But if you can make a few, you know you have talent. Clouds have talent to spare. I’m very proud to have them on Turbo…. and the album is incredible.”

Clouds – Consciousness

Turbo will release ‘Ghost Systems Rave’ on the 1st July.