Thool – Tepeu

Fun and peculiar dance sounds from Bullion's DEEK label.


Thool are a new group aligned with Bullion's excellent DEEK label.

Like a lot of the music on DEEK, their music is fun yet funky, peculiar yet poppy, and sophisticaed yet silly. The label describe their music as being for fans of "Aphex Twin, Pyrolator, The Orb, Enya", which is a very fair assessment.

On their debut 12", Thool channel freestyle, synth pop, and bits of new age-y synthesizer play, the result being something we'll just vaguely describe as 'dance music'. The EP's first track, the brilliant Tepeu, consolidates a bunch of their ideas into something quite rousing.

"Something so familiar about Thool, they seem like old family friends," Bullion says. "Each track on the EP is rich with information and every part is relevant – nothing can interfere with the overall sense of brilliant movement!"

DEEK Recordings release the 'Thool' EP on September 11th 2015.

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