Theo Parrish releases second volume of Sound Signature Sounds

Detroit house legend releases mostly 00s set of greatest hits.


Words by: Charlie Jones

One of the most important electronic musicians of now, Theo Parrish has been released wonderful, clever house and techno records since the mid-90s. Often, his jazz-tinged compostions are out on, frankly, frustratingly limited-edition runs and vinyl only. Now, there’s a chance to catch up on some of these released over the last few years with the release of ‘Sound Signature Sounds Volume 2’, a collection of Parrish tunes from his label Sound Signature. It’s been 12 years since the first, rare but essential, ‘Sound Signature Sounds’, and this is exciting.

12 songs long, the compilation is made up mostly of music release since 2000, though Rain For Jimmy was composed in 1997 and Didn’t Pay Dues has never been released. Stream Suns Of Osiris below and pre-order it now.

01. Get Got
02. I Can Take It
03. Suns Of Osiris
04. Didn’t Pay Dues (unreleased)
05. Rain for Jimmy
06. Capritarious
07. Dirt Rhodes
08. Instant Insanity
09. Timeislafinacharunninout

Sound Signature will release Theo Parrish’s compilation Sound Signature Sounds Vol.2 on April 20th, 2012

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