THEEsatisfaction album stream

More great rap from Sup Pop records, on this fantastic album from Parliament-referencing rappers THEEsatisfaction


Words by: Charlie Jones

Citing the likes of Janelle Monae, Sun Ra and George Clinton as influences there’s much of the P-Funk Mother Ship in this short but sweet release from THEESatisfaction. Out through Sub Pop on March 27th, ‘awE naturalE’ flies high over 30 minutes of tracks that probe an expanse of ideas, from science fiction writer Octavia E Butler’s fictional religion in the laconic motion of Earthseed and pre-Egyptian imagery in the stuttering psychedelia of QueenS.

Partners and collaborators Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White appeared on two tracks of last year’s Shabazz Palaces release ‘Black Up’ and creative core Ishmael Butler (aka Palaceer Lazaro) returns the favour with Enchantruss and God. ‘awE naturalE’ is a thought-provoking and comforting listen that’s well worth checking out here.

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