The Wire lists all lists since 1994

Clever music magazine compiles their best-of lists in one interesting place.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Wire, one of the best print music magazines around, have, alongside a fondness for phrases like “Vertical psychosis in sound”, a wonderfully anti-canonical stance, which makes their end-of-years all the more absorbing. They have been archived in their entirity since 1994 here, and, despite the fact that The Wire’s famously considered covers are missing, it’s well worth a browse. Especially nice is that at the height-of-Britpop in 1995, the top 20 featured such wonderful and diverse artists as D’Angelo, A Guy Called Gerald, Bjork, Arthur Russell and Raekwon, a reminder, if any were needed, of what a vital organ The Wire is.

Read the Wire’s best-of lists since 1994 by clicking here

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