The Pop Manifesto is really cool

Brooklyn digital pamphlet showcases the best in new music, with a new issue out now.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Pop Manifesto* is a digital magazine set up by Apache Beat vocalist Ilirjana Alushaj which we can’t stop flicking through. After a Romy xx Mix Manifesto which crashed the website’s server in a previous issue, the magazine is now giving away the Das Racist The Pop Manifesto mixtape, which documents the group’s inspirations and taste for all things brash and hilarious.

This issue of TPM also features How To Dress Well and Greatest Hits, as well as Geoff Barrow of Portishead. Ilirjana says she tries to feature people who are inspirational, people who are “doing their own thing.”

The Pop Manifesto was created as a way of showcasing what I saw as both creative and innovative in the fields of music, art, design and fashion.” This viewpoint is what fuels the magazine, which is home to many insightful one-on-one features and pages of personal expression. “The name came from my attempts at school to write a pop manifesto; figuring out the principles and intentions of the varying spheres of the people I was surrounded by. I was really obsessed by how art is justified. I guess that is why I like trying to be more personal or individual-focused in the stories I publish, or the music I release. Real talk.”

The Das Racist Mix Manifesto is all part of that ethos; spanning Notorious B.I.G to Soulja Boy, it’s a personal manifesto of couldn’t-care-less attitude, standing for fun and outspokenness above all else, absolutely defining the group’s influences and intentions. See the tracklist and download it here .

The Pop Manifesto is also a label, which currently releases Blood Diamonds and Magic Mountain, as well as Ilirjana’s solo projects Typical Girls and Vital Caress.