The Knife – A Tooth For An Eye (Cooly G remix)

Cooly G remixes 'A Tooth For An Eye' with great poise as the returning duo discuss the political passions at the heart of their new album.


Words by: Anthony Walker

The Knife will release their fourth album ‘Shaking the Habitual’ on Monday and return from a lengthy hiatus with fire in their belly. Cooly G’s great remix of the album’s second single Tooth For An Eye sounds like a calvary of scythed chariots driving into battle and props are also due for the impressive way she reigns the eccentric original with a dancefloor in mind whilst keeping both a sense of intrigue and purpose.

It comes with an interview with Dazed where The Knife discuss the influences that led to their abrasive and confrontational album and a history of politicised performance that goes through Berlin’s queer community, Swedish progg, Judith Butler and Fugazi.

The Knife will release ‘Shaking the Habitual’ on Rabid and Brille on Monday 8th April.

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